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  • Dea Terra 大地女神

    9.0% Cash Back

    The DeaTerra brand was born with a beautiful Taiwan-Miss company. Committed to the pursuit of gratitude, pure heart, energy, nature

  • Kkday

    1.0% Cash Back

    KKday is a leading global travel experience platform dedicated to making it easier and safer for travelers to experience local trips.

  • 植芮堂

    9.0% Cash Back

    It’s not just for the family’s planting hall, because the family’s long-term use of environmental hormone products, it’s too late to find out, and the body is greatly hurt... This strengthens our determination to make only the environment, the animals, the body and mind. Good-minded products, goodness is contagious, this is our responsibility and mission, in the beginning of the establishment of the plantation. No animal-based ingredients, no animal experiments, and teamwork with Kaohsiung Medical University, using the raw materials of international companies, passing the vegetarian test certification, the skin care products available for the vegan group, and donating or selling the surplus to the animal rescue group.

  • WARX 機能服飾

    9.0% Cash Back

    WARX Functional Apparel (Wei Wei Co., Ltd.) Founded in 2014, the functional clothing company from original to after-sales one-stop operation: Design and start to start → version revision → manufacturing → marketing promotion → online sales (exported to other countries) → after-sales service, online customer service.

  • 饗福食品

    8.0% Cash Back

    [飨福食品] appeals to the concept of simple cooking, insisting on providing consumers with fresh, high-quality, reasonably priced foods!

  • 優沛康保健食品

    7.0% Cash Back

    Health food is a conscience business. For Profuse Naturals, it is the most important business philosophy for everyone to be able to buy the highest quality products at the most reasonable and affordable price. The raw materials of the full range of products are cost-free, extracted from the natural, such as fish, plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables. Uphold the use of high quality, high concentration, natural extraction, no addition; combined with high-tech biotechnology, strict cognizance of manufacturing plants through Canadian cGMP certified factories

  • costrend

    7.0% Cash Back

    From Cosmetics Trendy, it means fashionable medical beauty maintenance trend, the beauty concept and active ingredients of medical beauty treatment, to achieve immediate visible skin-beautifying effect, mild, safe, can be used at home, without intrusion, is the effect Quickly visible micro plastic medicine beauty care products. The principle of each product development is based on high efficiency and low sensitivity maintenance effects, making beauty easy, simple and more efficient.

  • Yahoo 雅虎奇摩

    Up to 0.5% Cash Back

    Yahoo! Qimo Mall has been the most visited shopping site for online friends for 4 consecutive years. It has an average of more than 700,000 unique visits per day. It is a popular website popular among Taiwanese netizens.

  • NANOone 負離子內褲

    15.0% Cash Back

    [Anion warm body underwear worn every day, no sense of menstrual period] NANOone won the German and French International Invention Exhibition Awards and Taiwan's high-quality underwear logo! From raw materials to finished products are all in Taiwan, each batch of raw material inspection can only be qualified for sustainable process, and it does not contain harmful substances to the human body. NANO refers to "Nano", an ion-implanted nylon yarn made with innovative and patented technology; one represents an anion clothing brand that was pioneered through experiments. We take the protection of the wearer's health as the highest principle and give you the most peace of mind for daily care.

  • Coplay設計包

    9.0% Cash Back

    Coplay has assembled a multi-national designer to display the creative elements on the bag without restriction. It uncovers all the wonderful things in life and exerts endless design.

  • 銀彈900抗菌噴劑

    8.0% Cash Back

    Silver Bull 900 is a new type of silver particle released by the National Taiwan University in September 2009. It has patents in the United States and Taiwan. It has stable particles, no genotoxicity, and has a healing power for wounds. It has anti-drug bacteria, such as MRSA.

  • HerDays三十日

    7.0% Cash Back

    On the 30th, Natural Herbal Sanitary Cotton was created by Dr. Yang Zhongwei, dean of the “Australia Natural Chinese Medicine Chain Clinic”, combining many years of gynecological experience from both China and Western countries, formulating according to the medicinal properties of Chinese herbal medicines, selecting seven herbaceous plants, and extracting them in a vacuum at a low temperature.

  • lazybook 懶人布

    4.0% Cash Back

    Different from the general photo book Lazybook, in addition to the photo layout is very flexible, you can use your creativity to add your point of view. OS touched the occasion---. This is generally not a rigid photo book. When you finish one The Lazybook physical book sends a copy to the family of the distant party. When they receive it, they carefully appreciate the beauty of the arrangement and the beauty of the hand. The touch is not the same as the ordinary email. The gift is light and affectionate!

  • QueenCat 皇后與貓防水包

    3.0% Cash Back

    The waterproof bag is one of the most distinctive bags in Taiwan. The main material of the table cloth is 100% cotton cloth, and a layer of waterproof material is attached to the cotton cloth. The process flow is similar to that of brand bags such as LV and GUGGI, which makes the QueenCat and Cat waterproof bag have the advantages of water repellent and color fastness.


    Up to 1.5% Cash Back

    ZALORA is one of the largest online retailers in Asia. It provides consumers with shopping experiences that cover all aspects of life, including men's and women's apparel, beauty salon products, and home furnishings.

  • books博客来

    Up to 1.0% Cash Back

    The blog was established in 1995. It is the first major channel for book sales and audio and video sales in Taiwan. In recent years, it has become a full-scale online retail platform and has continued to expand its department store products with the brand spirit of “thinking in shopping and evolving in reading”. Products and services, with a simpler, more intimate shopping interface and process, convenient shipping speed and high-quality customer service, blogs to obtain a safe shopping site of the “Data Privacy Protection Mark Certification” of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, looking forward to providing consumers A safer, more convenient and accessible shopping experience.

  • e-Payless 百利市購物中心

    0.5% Cash Back

    The Bailey City Shopping Center offers you a wide range of goods, home movies, health foods, home life, outdoor sports, and women's and children's youth. 24-hour online customer service, ready to serve you warmly, the most interesting shopping site for you.

  • 樂鋪子LAPUZ

    18.0% Cash Back

    Le Shop "sell only good things", starting from the concept of health, nature, no addition, and environmental friendliness, let us tell you how to use the most provocative attitude, select good products, and let you know through Le Shop. Buying good things with ease, life is better.

  • 糖话 bonchaboncha

    Up to 15.0% Cash Back

    bonchaboncha focuses on marketing brands to promote customized sugar culture and researching the best brand of candy image technology. It is committed to cooperating with brands in various countries in the world and expects to deliver custom image sugar to consumers in each country.

  • Organic Aromas 有機香氛

    15.0% Cash Back

    The best-selling brand Organic Aromas is from the United States. We realize that too many people use inefficient and wasteful methods to disperse essential oils. To make matters worse, the structure of the essential oil itself is destroyed by dilution or heating. For eight years, we have continuously refined our technology and products, aiming to create the world's best way to spread essential oils. The uniquely designed diffuser is perfectly combined with carefully formulated essential oils. Advancing to Taiwan this year, I hope to bring the most effective, most economical and most beautiful essential oil spreader to Taiwanese fans who love essential oils and fragrances, and enjoy the most natural fragrance life.

  • Cozyland

    12.0% Cash Back

    CosTrend Micro-Medical Care is derived from Cosmetic Trendy, which means fashionable medical beauty maintenance trend, the beauty concept and active ingredients of medical beauty treatment, to achieve immediate visible skin-beautifying effect, mild, safe, and can be used at home, and not Need to invade and destroy, it is a micro-plastic medical beauty care product with quick visible effect. The principle of each product development is based on high efficiency and low sensitivity maintenance effects, making beauty easy, simple and more efficient.

  • BiO-HO2

    10.0% Cash Back

    Bio-HO2 Oral Health Care Mouthwash is a unique antibacterial molecule derived from marine natural organisms. It is formulated with high-oxygen pure water to provide mouthwash for oral care. It is odorless, colorless and mild like pure water. It does not stimulate oral cells at all. For seniors and children

  • 一蕊花商城

    10.0% Cash Back

    The "Yihuahua Shusong Essential Oil" developed by Daihua Biotech Co., Ltd. is made of natural extract organic lavender essential oil, compound plant essential oil, ginger essential oil, peppermint essential oil and various plant extracts. Essential oil products. Soothes the skin, penetrates deeply, has a wide range of uses, and wipes where you want to soothe.

  • cooler+酷樂佳

    10.0% Cash Back

    Founded in 1976, Huibin Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in the manufacture of various types of auto parts, computer parts, home appliance parts, 3C and other precision stamping parts. COOLER+ was born in 2009. It is a brand of Huibin; 3C product designers teamed up.

  • 魔娜歌 Monaco Argan Oil

    10.0% Cash Back

    Monaco Argan Oil.TW|Professional hair brand wash | Run | protection Salon-level hairdressing from the hairline, the magical song "hair care products" strong debut.

  • 糖鼎養生鋪

    10.0% Cash Back

    The pure and pure taste, mild and mellow taste of "Sueding Health Brown Sugar Tea Brick" adheres to the beginning of sweet health, using the excellent raw materials from Taiwan, and producing a full range of SGS-tested products with qualified safety and hygiene processes. . In the future, Sugar Ding will continue to produce high-quality brown sugar bricks with the concept of its establishment, making it the warmest and most healthy sweet!

  • minjer明则实业有限公司

    Up to 8.0% Cash Back

    Ming Tse Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1979. It initially provided prescription drugs for major public and private hospitals as its main operating items. In the 90 years after the Republic of China, the company expanded its product line to contain cosmetic products and health foods, and sold them in pharmacy channels and private clinics.

  • Air planet艾爾普藍星手工飾品

    8.0% Cash Back

    Air planet Elp Blue Star Handmade Jewelry

  • Creative Baby

    7.0% Cash Back

    Creative Baby is a well-known American brand with a top US design and development team and production bases in the US and China. Creative Baby adheres to the concept of safety, health and innovation. It has been in the baby products industry for more than 20 years. The rich manufacturing experience has produced brands including (Kolcraft Graco Mamas & PapasChicco etc...), and the products are fully in line with the world. Safety and environmental protection regulations.

  • 三好生活購物網

    7.0% Cash Back

    Sanhao Life Shopping Net Granule series products, Taiwan's local production, health and peace of mind, delicious direct delivery, offering a variety of sushi rice, resume rice, black rice, Yiquan fragrant rice, Taiwan stalk nine, Taichung 194, brown rice, etc. Rice-like products.

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