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  • LegXercise

    15.0% Cash Back

    LegXercise focuses on the wellness of our customers. Our number one priority is that our products positively impact the lives of our consumers. We cater to seniors and their loved ones, and our machines are carefully produced for different needs or physical conditions. LegXercise helps our customers improve leg circulation, leg pain, or swelling within many other discomforts. Our website currently has 4 SKUs with an average order of $145.00 USD, however our company is currently growing. Products are added yearly. We do not offer any promotional coupons or special offers at this time. Additionally, we try to have uniform prices on all platforms our products are available. We do offer better pricing on our own product website.

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  • Laptops For Less

    8.0% Cash Back

    Laptops For Less has powered the devices of over 500,000 mobile computer users. As an industry leader, Laptops For Less delivers high quality laptop batteries, laptop AC adapters, PDA batteries, PDA chargers, MP3 batteries, digital camera batteries, camcorder batteries and more. Laptops for Less unique product lines of over 1000 diverse accessory power products and replacement batteries and adapters provide their customers with an extensive selection of the best quality products available.

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  • Lyric

    6.0% Cash Back

    Lyric therapeutic massager, a revolutionary intelligent self-care companion that takes the guesswork out of wellness, fitting seamlessly and stylishly into any home or lifestyle and offering breakthrough Rhythm Therapy™ to relax and relieve pain for everybody and every body. The Lyric provides an intuitive experience for everyone.

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  • LG Electronics

    4.0% Cash Back

    LG Electronics is part of one of the largest conglomerates in South Korea (LG Corporation), comprised of three main business units: Home Entertainment, Home Appliances & Air Solutions and Vehicle Components.

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    3.0% Cash Back is a premier designer and developer of mobile-based consumer electronics products. At Leef, design always comes first. In fact, over half of our team is made up of designers. As we seamlessly blend quality materials, functionality and style, the result is a family of products that people want to own the world over.

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  • Logitech

    Up to 8.0% Cash Back

    Logitech offers computer and technology products and accessories, throughout 100 countries worldwide via our strategic partnerships with top-tier PC manufacturers.

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  • Lenovo US

    1.0% Cash Back

    Lenovo is one of the world’s largest makers of personal computers and makes the world's most innovative PCs.

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  • Lenovo Taiwan

    1.0% Cash Back

    Lenovo is a customer-focused company with extraordinary resources and broad reach, providing innovative PCs and best-in-class customer service. We offer top-notch products, lowest total-cost of ownership, high productivity and world-class support.

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